A Beautiful Home Starts on the Outside


A well-manicured exterior can do wonders for your home. Constant attention will create a safer house, reduce the need for repairs and increase curb-appeal.

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PTCA Field Day Call for Presenters

Share your expertise and experience by making one or more presentations at the Professional Tree Care Association of San Diego’s 27th Annual Seminar and Field Day….read more

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3 Ways To Make Your Business Exterior Look More Professional


Keeping your business front looking clean and orderly will create a more appealing environment for clients and customers alike. Using a few simple techniques will result in a welcoming and professional appearance.

1. Remove Dirt and Grime

One of the seemingly easiest ways of improving the look of your business is by cleaning up the dirt and debris on walls and walkways. However, due to the weather, age of the building or amount of foot traffic, the dirt may need to be power washed away with high pressure water to fully restore the natural look.

2. Re-paint or Decorate Walls

Renovating the exterior is a good way to rejuvenate the look of a business. Adding company logos or changing the colors will make the building stand out to potential customers. Power washing is an important precursor to any remodeling since the grime that is stuck to the walls will not allow new paint or decorations to stick as strongly as they should.

3. Remove Graffiti

Paint can be a hassle to remove for any reason. Unsightly graffiti is never something that a business wants to have on its exterior, but scrubbing it away may be too time-consuming. Power washing is a quick and efficient way to remove any unwanted paint. Click here to learn more about business power washing in Hampstead.

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Reclaim Your Yard By Removing Tree Stumps

stump grinding in Carlsbad

Tree stumps remain long after a tree has been cut down. Unsightly, they can interfere with new landscape plans. You don’t have to live with tree stumps. They can be professionally removed.

More Than Meets the Eye

Along with the tree base visible above ground is a root system left buried in the dirt. Depending on the tree, this root system can be extensive. Stump removal gets rid of all those remains, freeing up that part of your property for new landscaping.

Stumps Don’t Just Disappear

Given enough time, stumps will biodegrade. This process, however, can take decades. Some people try to resolve the problem by burying the stump. Out of sight, however, is not out of mind. As the stump rots, it sinks, leaving a depression in the dirt where the stump was buried. These depressions can be especially problematic if the stump was a large one or if multiple stumps were buried.

Depending on the tree species, new trees can grow out of the stumps left behind. If you do not want to be cutting down another tree in the same spot, get a professional to remove it with a stump grinder.

Tree stumps can be unsightly and long lasting. Ignoring them will not make them go away. If you need to have a stump removed, find out more about stump grinding in Carlsbad by following this link.

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3 Surefire Ways a Landscaper Can Make Your Garden Grow

Well-maintained healthy landscaping creates curb appeal and endless hours of enjoyment for a homeowner. But it takes a lot of work and real know-how to keep it looking great and growing like it is supposed to through the spring and summer seasons. Here are three ways hiring a landscaper can help your garden grow.

The selection of the types of plants and trees you put in your yard should depend on the amount of sunshine each area gets, as well as the growing pattern of the item. Professional landscapers are very knowledgeable about how and where to plant things to ensure they have the highest degree of success so it will live and grow to its fullest potential.

The second way that a landscaper can help your garden grow is by mulching. You can choose decorative pine bark nuggets, cypress mulch, pine straw or other types of materials to incorporate into your flower beds and around your shrubs and trees. Mulch is an excellent way to greatly reduce evaporation and protect your plants’ roots. It also provides a well-crafted look to your yard. This job can be pretty labor intensive, but landscapers have techniques for unloading and spreading the mulch in an efficient manner.

One more way that can keep your garden healthy is proper maintenance through trimming and pruning. If a plant, tree or shrub is kept in the right growth pattern, at the right time of year, it will get rid of unnecessary or stray branches and twigs that take up too much of the nutrients they need for ultimate health. This will ‘send’ the extra strength to the rest of the plant, which allows for fuller leaf and branch growth season after season. A landscaper has the knowledge and skills on how and when to prune the live goods in your garden. Pruning done at the wrong time or in the wrong way can severely stunt the growth of your shrubs, trees and plants.

Gardens are a true delight but take a lot of work to grow and thrive. With the above three techniques, landscapers can keep your garden growing to provide you added value to your home through curb appeal, as well as enjoyment for you, your family and your guests. Experienced professionals in the field have the tools and knowledge to offer the best services in planting, mulching and pruning. For more information on landscaping in Hampstead, visit this website.

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Healthy And Shapely Trees Can Help Your Home Value


A properly maintained yard is an incredible asset to your home. Your property will receive multiple benefits when stray growth and dead limbs on your trees get pruned on a consistent basis over the years. Here are a few reasons why getting your trees trimmed could increase the value of your home:

Healthy and Strong

When extra unwieldy limbs are trimmed to keep a tree’s natural growth pattern at its optimal spread, the tree will be healthier for the long haul. Mature trees provide shade and curb appeal that can raise your property value.

Dead Limbs Are Dangerous

Dead or dying limbs can become a hazard to your home and potentially damage your roof or other parts of your home when they fall. Keeping your tree trimmed will increase its strength and prevent costly harm to your house from heavy limbs.

Pretty Trees Are Appealing

Trimming trees makes them look much nicer too. Landscapers can keep them in top form and leaf fullness, which is great for appraisals and very attractive to new home buyers.

Trees that are in great physical health and ultimate appearance can add a lot of value to your home. For more information on tree trimming in Wilmington and to get a free estimate, visit this website.

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Preventing Problems Before They Happen

Problems with trees are inevitable. For a variety of problems – insects, diseases, abiotic causes – they’re going to happen. The only question is, how are you going to deal with them? Are you going to prevent them from….read more

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