3 Reasons To Trim The Tree Branches

tree pruning in Carlsbad

Few will argue that a tree’s branches are not the star of show. Like all showstoppers, tree branches must be groomed and primped. And although it’s nice when your tree is aesthetically pleasing, it’s more important to maintain a safe and healthy tree. Here are three reasons to regularly trim back the tree branches on your property:

1. Eliminate Over-Crowding

Generally speaking, having a lot of leaves on tree is a good thing, but when the leaf coverage casts an eternal shadow on the rest of your property, pruning should be considered. Thinning out the branches will allow for more light to filter through the leaves, brightening up your yard.

2. Increase Airflow

Think of a treetop as a giant green sail: the more branches it has, the more wind it catches. In removing some of the excess branches, you create holes that open up airflow. Restricted airflow is dangerous since it can topple a tree on windy days.

3. Too Many Dead Branches

If there’s an older tree on your property, make sure to have any dead branches cleared out. An abundance of bare branches can offset a tree’s weight distribution, increasing the chances of the tree falling down.

Do any of these situations apply to you? Click this link for expert tree pruning in Carlsbad.

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