What An Arborist Can Tell You About Your Trees

tree arborist in San Antonio

Many people simply let their trees just grow. An arborist can help you be pro-active about your yard and to anticipate problems before they arise. Tree maintenance is important not only for aesthetics, but health and safety. An arborist can tell you:

• If trees have a fungus

• If they have in interior infestation

• If they are safe or unsafe

After diagnosing your trees, an arborist can give expert advice on how to solve your yard issues or improve the beauty of your outdoor space. He or she can guide you concerning

• How you can preserve the trees you want

• How to most effectively remove unwanted trees

• How to arrange newly planted trees

If your tree has branches close to power line, for instance, this can pose a significant safety hazard, and the arborist can let you know right away whether you can preserve the tree or not. In addition, the expert can spot a tree that is starting to rot or show signs of bug infestation. This could save you the trouble of calling an exterminator later if the insects should find their way to your home and breed. It is also worthwhile calling an arborist prior to planting trees for advice. Browse this website for information about a tree arborist in San Antonio.

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