Reclaim Your Yard By Removing Tree Stumps

stump grinding in Carlsbad

Tree stumps remain long after a tree has been cut down. Unsightly, they can interfere with new landscape plans. You don’t have to live with tree stumps. They can be professionally removed.

More Than Meets the Eye

Along with the tree base visible above ground is a root system left buried in the dirt. Depending on the tree, this root system can be extensive. Stump removal gets rid of all those remains, freeing up that part of your property for new landscaping.

Stumps Don’t Just Disappear

Given enough time, stumps will biodegrade. This process, however, can take decades. Some people try to resolve the problem by burying the stump. Out of sight, however, is not out of mind. As the stump rots, it sinks, leaving a depression in the dirt where the stump was buried. These depressions can be especially problematic if the stump was a large one or if multiple stumps were buried.

Depending on the tree species, new trees can grow out of the stumps left behind. If you do not want to be cutting down another tree in the same spot, get a professional to remove it with a stump grinder.

Tree stumps can be unsightly and long lasting. Ignoring them will not make them go away. If you need to have a stump removed, find out more about stump grinding in Carlsbad by following this link.

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